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I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sam Andrews, Gary Brommeland, Lou Alessi, and C. Rusty Sherrick for helping me and sharing their knowledge on crafting gun holsters. These four individuals provided me with excellent guidance and never asked for anything in return. For this, I am truly grateful and will "pay it forward" for anyone who expresses a sincere interest in making gun holsters. Special thanks to Anthony Ho for taking the high quality pictures, and Richard Windsor for web support. Best wishes to all of you!


I've been a law enforcement professional for over fifteen years.  During that time I've spent thousands of dollars trying to find a holster that I truly liked.  Being a south paw poses a few additional problems for me in terms of availability on short notice.  Although being a lefty in general has always been a bit of a  problem, being one in law enforcement brings with it a unique set of inconveniences.  Those of us in the law enforcement community know what it's like when your agency changes issued weapons...  This means that now you have to go to the local gun store in a pinch and purchase an entirely new set of gun holsters to accommodate your everyday needs. For righties, although this is an inconvenience, one would argue that it is even more inconvenient for lefties due to a scarcity of supply.  This is why I take particular exception in trying to accommodate those "lefties" with the right state of mind whenever possible.


You will notice that there is not a huge selection of holsters to choose from.  This is by design.  Restaurants with vast menus just make you spend more time looking instead of eating.  Some of the best restaurants that I've ever been to have a reasonable list of choices, but are not overwhelming.  Other holster makers will have a vast selection of fancy places and ways to carry.  Those manufacturers are well known and very successful.  This site appeals to those who carry and carry often.  Ultimately, no matter how you want to conceal a firearm, you will end up carrying it on the hip, the small of the back, the ankle or utilizing some sort of shoulder system.

Concealment Philosophy




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The first part of officer safety and situational awareness for the concealed carry professional is an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality when it comes to carrying a firearm.  Although many leather holsters are made with thumb breaks, tension screws and other security elements to include a very tight stitch line, these are not true retention characteristics to keep someone from wrestling a weapon out of your holster.


If the firearm is properly concealed on your person, the carrier can exponentially mitigate his or her chances of losing control of the weapon.  Proper concealment of a firearm is critical when choosing the weapon you are going to carry, the holster you are utilizing and the clothes you are planning to wear.  The tighter the clothing, the more complicated the ability to conceal a weapon.


This may seem obvious to many, but there are some who struggle with this concept.  A serious gun-carrying professional knows and understands these concepts and builds a proper wardrobe around the firearm being carried.


The officers in the photo have holster systems that require specific manipulation in order to remove the weapon.  Although the criminal in this photo wishes to do them harm, it isn't likely they will be able to get the weapons out.


Most leather concealment holsters simply don't afford you this peace of mind.  What you gain in concealability, you lose in retentive ability.  Keeping your weapon out of sight may serve to keep it out of a suspect's mind.


"As a left handed law enforcement professional, I have found it very difficult to find leather goods. Prince Gun Leather has provided a quality, comfortable product that is perfect for everyday wear. I own the Ulrich ankle holster with the Ulrich ankle balance cuff case and two Omega IWB holsters for the Sig 229DAK and Glock 26. The Ulrich fits just right and conceals well and the Omega IWB has to be one of the most comfortable holsters I have ever worn. I carry a firearm every day and concealment and comfort are paramount. The Omega IWB will easily conceal a full size handgun with minimal printing, even when wearing shorts!" - T.S., Law Enforcement Professional


"After using the holster I have on and off duty, it is clear that Prince Gunleather recognizes the importance of quality, while providing a product that can be relied upon during a stressful situation." - D. Ulirch, Law Enforcement Professional


"I own the ankle holster made by Prince Gunleather and have found it to be the most comfortable system I've ever worn in my over twelve years of law enforcement experience." - N. Annan, Senior Special Agent


"The quality is fantastic, and it literally molds to my body so well, I sometime forget Im wearing it. Ive struggled for years trying to find a holster that would be concealable wearing something other than the typical larger than necessary, untucked shirts that almost give LEOs away. Nor do I want to wear my primary gun on my ankle. I wear it concealed under dress shirts, polo and narrow fit button down shirts, and its undetectable." - Erik R.


"Having been a federal law enforcement officer for over 20 years, I can tell you the Prince Gunleather, Ulrich model ankle holster is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn." - B. Rutten, Senior Special Agent


"After having worn ankle holsters for years, I can say without a doubt that the Ulrich ankle holster is far and away the most comfortable I have ever owned.  Besides the outstanding craftsmanship, the holster is designed so that it will never come down to a question of not having your weapon available because the holster was too uncomfortable to wear.  You simply will not find a better product at a greater value anywhere and the personnel service David provided is second to none." - R. Kelly, USMS


"After trying various ankle holsters, I can honestly say the Ulrich is the best I have ever owned. It is so comfortable I wear it every day. I now also have the new Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster, and it lives up to the quality I have come to expect from Prince Gun Leather. The height adjustment allows me to tailor it for a perfect fit and it won't collapse, allowing for easy holstering." - J. Cords, Special Agent


"I have carried several holsters over twenty-eight years and I believe this is number one. It’s just right for my needs and wants.  - M. C. Mahaffey"



"I have been carrying a concealed handgun for almost 20 years and the Prince Gun Leather, Omega IWB is by far the most comfortable holster I have ever used (and I have bought and tried almost everything on the market).  It is so comfortable that I started carrying my full sized duty gun in the Omega rather than carrying a smaller back up because it was just more comfortable that way.  You need to try it to understand how comfortable it really is.  I carry my back up in Prince's SOB accessible from my support side. The combination of the two holsters give all day comfort and concealment without your back up being on your ankle, which seems pretty far away when you need it."    - D. Sullivan, Law enforcement Professional


David Prince Goes to Costa Ludus and Learns

How Much He Didn't Know About Shooting!

Recently I traveled to Wyoming to attend Costa Training.  Before I describe what the training was all about, let me just say that if you've never been to Wyoming, you need to go!  This is the most beautiful state I have ever visited.  It seems practically untouched by humans. The scenes are incredible, the wildlife is abundant and the air made my lungs feel anew.


Chris Costa and his organization are top notch!  When I arrived, I new this was going to be a very different fire arms training than anything I've had before.  This is a 2,000 round training camp, give or take.  It starts early in the morning and goes well into the afternoon.  Chris is an excellent instructor!  His depth of knowledge in shooting, and how he conveys techniques and methods are line of sight and perfect for the beginner and professional shooter alike.  He takes pride in teaching, and it shows!  He gets to know every student and works with their individual deficiencies to develop your skills and ability.  Chris has the perfect balance of humor to calm the nerves and promote learning.


The other takeaway that I got from the training, is the quality of the other students who attend. I found them to be a diverse group of folks from a wide variety of professions, who were there, like myself, to be better shooters.  It was refreshing.


After the training is completed for the day, you reunite with all the other students and instructors for an amazing dinner.  This is a first class operation, start to finish!


If you're not accustomed to high altitudes, then you will need to stay hydrated. The trainers there will encourage you to drink lots of water.  Lunch is provided at the range,  breakfast is at the hotel and dinner is catered.


It's been several months since I have attended and my shooting skills have held up very well. Anyone who is serious about carrying a firearm should consider this training!


I would go as far as saying its a responsibility!

Cotton Muslin Bags That Are Right On Target: Customer Review With Prince Gun Leather

For people in professions that require they carry a concealed weapon, safety is priority number one.  The professionals in certain law enforcement or private security organizations have duties that necessitate they carry a firearm in a discrete manner.  Take members of the Secret Service for example. Typically when you think of the Secret Service, you envision a stoic person in a suite with sunglasses and an ear piece for communication, running along side a Presidential motorcade.  What you don’t see are the dozens of Secret Service agents that are embedded in the crowds of Presidential events.  The agents are plane clothed  and armed with a concealed weapon(s).  Their presence is advantageous because of their ability to blend in with the crowds of people at the event.  The agents can interact with crowds and possibly can gain helpful insights into possible forthcoming events.  They are also poised in position should someone in the crowd make any hostile advances or gestures to the President.  Since they blend in with the crowd it adds a level of complexity for would be criminals to be able to tell who is who in a crowd.  If a criminal can’t tell who around them is an agent they can’t make counter actions or contingency plans accordingly.  One of the key parts of blending in requires an agent’s weapon to be concealed and not easily detectable.  To conceal a weapon, agents, law enforcement officers and private security personnel, rely on low profile holsters to stow their firearms.  They depend on their holsters to not only be discrete but to house their weapon safely.  A gun holster has to be comfortable under clothing, easily accessible but secure in the event of the users possible physical actions like running or tackling an attacker.  This Kansas City blog caught up with one of the country’s premier holster manufacturers to discuss his business to business connection with a wholesale cotton muslin bag company.


”The Customers will call and they tell me how much they liked the holster and then they will call back and tell me they like the bags.” -David Prince


David Prince owns one of the country’s most esteemed gun holster manufacturing companies.  David, who has 15 years of service in a law enforcement capacity, makes handmade fine leather gun holsters for law enforcement and security professionals.  He depends on the highest quality materials and tools to help him create is one of a kind concealment solutions.  “A lot of holster manufacturers just toss their holsters in a plastic bag and package it up for shipping.”  We spoke with David about his connection to State Line Bag Company, a wholesale cotton muslin bags company.  David told us that he needed a packaging solution for his high end holsters so he did a simple search for cotton bags on the Internet.  He eventually found his way to the State Line Bag Company.  Prince procured some samples of their product and decided upon the sizes that would accommodate his product the best.


“The bags are critical for me in how I do my designs” -Davd Prince


We learned that all Prince Gun Leather products are packaged up in silk screened bags from the muslin cotton bags company.  He told us that “the bags are critical for me in how I do my designs”.  David also revealed to us that many of his customers truly enjoy the attention to detail and thought that goes into the way his products are packaged.  “The Customers will call and they tell me how much they liked the holster and then they will call back and tell me they like the bags.”  David’s customers have a special bond with his product and brand.  Their bond comes from the fact that they depend on his product to stow away a tool that could save their life or someone else’s in a time of great urgency.  Prince Gun Leather packaging is just one example of how David goes the extra mile in creating his unique products.  To check out Prince Gun Leather’s manufacturing process head on over to their Youtube channel.


- Published in the Kansas City Blog 2013


Many customers and budding holster makers ask me about my equipment. I work with two machines, which I highly recommend. One is a needle machine made by Artisan and the other is a Needle and Awl machine made by Campbell and Randall.  Both are very well made with the backing of very competent and supportive makers who can assist with all of your needs.  Prince Gun Leather endorses these two companies.

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12  1⁄2" Working Area, Compound Needle Feed, Walking Foot (Unison Feed) Lock-stitch Sewing Machine with a Large Barrel Bobbin and Oscillating Shuttle system. Features include a Lever type stitch regulator with Reverse feed and a traditional style bobbin re-winder. The machine will sew up to  9⁄10" of leather with up to size 415 bonded thread.

The complete Artisan sewing machine includes our exclusive 110 volt, 880 Watt, 1 HP, ACF-680 Electronic A.C. Servo Motor with model EP Ped-500 Adjustable Pedestal Stand including four lockable caster wheels, an Artisan ADR-124, 24 LED low voltage goose-neck lamp, and accessories.

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The Campbell is a needle and awl machine designed for leather. The awl is set in the head of the machine and the needle mechanism in the base. The awl punches a hole through the leather as it descends, then the awl feeds the leather forward. A barbed needle raises and pulls the thread through for the lock, as the awl again descends for another stitch. This process assures uniform feeding and stitching, without the flex and needle breakage inherent in needle feed machines. This produces the best quality top and bottom stitch for leather goods; however it is not recommended for nylon webbing.

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